I never knew what lovebugs were. I thought it was just a cute term used by people. Last year I moved to Louisiana, and I wish there was a booklet for newcomers that was handed to us upon becoming residents in Louisiana. The booklet would have the basics. How to eat crawfish without getting laughed at. How to pronounce certain Louisianan words. Also the basic stuff like yeah you can take it all to “geaux” and prepare for love bug season. I had no idea that lovebugs take over and swarm around you using you as their mattress. One of the grossest feelings ever.

There is such thing as love bug season. Love bugs, scientifically known as Plecia nearctica which are a type of March fly breed like crazy. No they aren’t double headed bugs, it’s mating time. The bug couples stay together even in flight and can stay together for several days. Today I was sitting in the office and I glanced out the window and to my horror I saw my first lovebugs of the season. Dear lovebugs please be kind to us this season.

If you're like me and hate the thought of lovebugs there is a home remedy you can spray around your home and plants to keep them away. Mix warm water, a lemon or orange-scented detergent, a splash of mouthwash, and then shake it. Put the mixture in a spray bottle, and start spraying away the lovebugs. 

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