On September 11, 2001, I was an Air Traffic Controller for the United States Air Force stationed at Barksdale. I was working in the tower on that fateful day, and I will get to share my story at an upcoming 9/11 Remembrance Symposium hosted by LSU-S.

A press release form LSU-S tells us what we can expect from the event.

To observe the 15th anniversary of September 11, 2001, the Strategy Alternatives Consortium (SAC) at LSU Shreveport will host a symposium, “9/11: A Remembrance.” The event on Saturday, Sept.10, will be held on campus at the University Center Auditorium from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. This event will not only recall that tragic day in American History but will also review our community’s connection to it when President George W. Bush addressing the nation and the world from Barksdale Air Force Base.

Panel discussions will follow: “The Historical Context,” “The Barksdale Connection,” and “The Aftermath and Legacy.” Participants will include representatives from the military, law enforcement, local citizens and a federal judge offering personal experiences from that heartbreaking day. Sponsors of the event include the LSU Shreveport Foundation, Noel Foundation and Willis-Knighton Health System, among others.

The Symposium will be introduced by LSUS Chancellor Dr. Larry Clark, with Dr. Gary Joiner and Dr. Cheryl White, LSUS professors of history, as moderators of portions of the detailed historic context and personal experiences. The individual accounts will be presented by military personnel and civilians involved in the tragic attack. Sheriff Steve Prator will also be delivering a personal remembrance of the day as a law enforcement officer.

The schedule is as follows:

8:30-9:00 - Check-In

9:00 - Welcome, Presentation of the Colors, National Anthem, Prayer

9:15 - 9/11 Keynote Speaker – Gen (ret) Curtis Bedke, 2nd Bomb Wing Commander on September 11, 2001

10:00 - 9/11 – The Historical Context, a panel discussion featuring history, personal remembrances from law enforcement, media and citizens flying on that date

10:55–11:15 - Break – Refreshments courtesy SAC

11:15 - 9/11 – The Barksdale Connection featuring generals, BAFB tower controller, munitions loader, reservist

12:05 - 9/11 – The Aftermath and Legacy a panel discussion featuring historian, law enforcement, AWACs staffer and federal judge

The event is free to attend, but tickets are required and are available at Eventbrite.com.