LSU's National Championship and Hall of Fame Coach Kim Mulkey is pretty well known for her basketball credentials. She won the first ever NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament to get her first National Championship while playing at Louisiana Tech. Then she won a Gold Medal playing for Team USA in the Olympics. She'd go on to become an Assistant Coach at Tech, where she'd win another National Championship.

Eventually she became the Head Coach at Baylor, where she would win 3 National Championships. But Baylor wasn't home. Because Kim Mulkey is a Louisiana native, and when the chance to come back to "The Boot" came, she took it. Becoming the Head Coach at LSU, where she just won her latest National Championship.

So yeah, she's well known for her basketball resume.

But when someone who isn't a fan of Women's College Basketball is just scrolling online, how does someone like Kim Mulkey get their attention? How does she draw new eyes to her team, her brand, and her sport? By having the best wardrobe in all of sports.

LSU v Iowa
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Kim Mulkey's sideline swag has become a viral sensation. But really, it's nothing new. She's been wearing bright colors, big heels, and boss blazers on the sidelines for years. But honestly, something did change a big when she got to LSU. She kind of summed it up during this year's NCAA tournament when asked about her outfits. She said:

“Look, we’re from Louisiana, we like sparkles, we like diamonds, we like Mardi Gras, we like to eat and we like to party.”

That attitude, coupled with the fact that she has found some designers in Baton Rouge who are helping to feed the mentality, have taken this style game up a few notches. Sequins, frills, sparkles, and more...Coach Mulkey has become a full blown viral sensation with her gear. Which is great news for her, because it means more recruits are paying attention to her. Its also great for her sport, because it means more people are paying attention as well.

Check out some of Coach Mulkey's classics, from this year to her days at Baylor, right here:

LSU Coach Kim Mulkey's Outfits

LSU's National Champion and Hall of Fame Women's Basketball Coach Kim Mulkey has some of the best style in the game. Here are some (not all) of the highlights. We even dug back for some "greatest hits" she had before she got to Baton Rouge.

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