CosmopolitanNME, and many other sources are reporting that the feud between Eminem and MGK is all fake. Fans on twitter have put the pieces together. The explanation for this conspiracy can be broken down in three key points.

First, They are a part of the same record label Interscope Records.

Second, The same guy produced their songs attacking each other. Ronald Spence Jr. co-wrote and produced MGK's "Rap Devil". Ronny J produced "Not Alike", which is Eminem's dis to MGK on the Kamikaze album, and the "The Ringer". Ronny and Ronald are the same person.

Third, a tweet that has since been deleted, reported by NME, stated that MGK's diss was uploaded 6 months ago on Soundcloud, it was just private until Sep 8.

Although this conspiracy is put together by fans, the fact that credible sources are reporting on it makes me believe that this could be true. This all could have been put together to not only promote Eminem's Kamikaze album, but also Machine Gun Kelly's new EP that was released today. If you missed Machine Gun Kelly's new music click on the button below.

UPDATE: People believe that this is Machine Gun Kelly's exit from the music world and his start into acting. According to his IMBD, he has four movies that he will be starring in in the next year. Those movies include: The Dirt, Big Time Adolescence, Captive State, and Bird Box. The filming for all these movies have wrapped up and are in post production.