It is St. Patrick's Day! It is the luckiest day in the world if you know how to play your cards right. To make sure you get the most out of the day I have gathered some Irish Superstitions. All these superstitions and more can be found here.

  • My mother has always told me that you should never scratch an itch on the palm of your hand, because she said that means that money will be coming into your life soon. However in Ireland, if you have an extreme itch on your left hand you will soon have money come your way, but if it is in your right hand you will get no money but you will make a new friend.
  • You should never accept a lock of hair from your lover because it brings bad luck! And it is also a horrible gift.
  • Never bring a banana on boat. Just don't! It is horrible bad luck.
  • If you have a black cat crosses your path create a triangle with your thumbs and pointer fingers and spit at the cat. Then apologize because that is gross.
  • If a hen and her chicks want to enter your house you better open the door and let them in because they bring good luck.
  • This is a notorious superstition: When you randomly find a horseshoe, nail it to the door with the open side up. It has to be random or it doesn't count!
  • Ready to tie the knot but don't have a man or lady? What you need to do is put a thin layer of flour on a plate and then place a live snail onto the flour. Cover up the nasty mess and let the snail be a snail. Wake up and uncover the snail and the man or lady of your future's initials will be in the four.
  • On your way home after a night of celebrating St. Patrick's day kick off your shoes and throw them over a phone line. The Irish tradition is to throw your shoes on the way home from a party brings good luck.

All these superstitions and more can be found here at The Good Stuff.