This video serves as a reminder that we live in a sick world.

A mother and her child were shopping at Dollar General in Florida when the unthinkable happened. A 30-year-old scum-of-the-Earth loser tried to snatch up her 13-year-old daughter right in front of her!

Let me just say, as the father of two baby girls, I cannot imagine being in this situation.

The mother did what every parent would do, switched to save-my-daughter mode and took him down. They grappled momentarily as the scumbag continued to try to pull the little girl out of the store.

He ultimately failed and decided to cut his losses and high-tale it out of the store. Guess who was waiting on him? An off duty police officer who just-so-happened to be pulling into the parking lot blocked him in and arrest the creep on the spot.

You have to see this video.



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