This is definitely not how this guy wanted to go viral.

Lance Rhodes loves two things: his squatted truck and posting on TikTok. One quick glance at his TikTok videos and you can tell that he absolutely loves his truck, but his truck didn't show him that same love in return as he was run over while attempting to create some new content for social media.

I had to look away while watching the video because I didn't know if that loud sound was his phone hitting the pavement or one of his bones snapping. I was certain that his leg was crushed, but according to a TikTok he posted, he actually broke his arm.

Someone actually asked him about his leg not being broken and he addressed it for all of his followers.

Although he was sour that TikTok wouldn't let him at least enjoy the views from his disastrous attempt to ghost ride his squatted truck, he managed to finish the mission and do a little rapping and dancing, full arm cast and all.

Hopefully, Lance learned his lesson and won't be shooting any more music videos in the danger zone. Give his TikTok a follow and keep up with his healing and his squatted truck here.

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