Some people have talents that can truly shock the world. Other's ave talents tat are completely useless, but impressive.. Like this guy.

I must say, I can't find another reason, other than capturing the world record, that someone could ever use the talent of dribbling quickly. Sure, it's a nice trick to pull out when the boys come over, but outside of that, there's not much to it.

However, one guy has made it his dream to become the fastest dribbler in the world. And boy did he do just that.

Leon Walraven is a freestyle baller from the Netherlands... And when it comes to dribbling a basketball as quickly as humanly possible, no one, and I mean no one can touch this dude. He proved just that for the world to see, by dribbling a basketball exactly 609 times in sixty seconds to capture the world record. The previous record was a measly 444 bounces.

Check it out!