One man was roasted via TikTok after he tried to lecture his Hinge match about a women's "sexual value" and why women apparently shouldn't get inked.

TikToker @morgangster27 shared screenshots of her conversation with her match on the dating app. Although she blurred out his name and profile, she did mention his name was Ben.

The clip shows the two potential daters in the midst of a conversation when the subject suddenly turns to tattoos.

The screenshot shows Morgan asking Ben what he considers "a bad tattoo."

"Every tattoo on a woman is a bad tattoo," Ben shoots back, which prompts the woman to ask: "It's OK for guys to have them though?"

Ben flippantly responds that he "couldn't care less" if men sport some ink, and that he doesn't care about the "double standards" his opinion implies.

The man then offers his opinion some more, blasting women who choose to decorate their bodies with tattoos.

"To be blunt, the sexual market value of a woman is dependent on her innocence and modesty," he writes, adding: "Tattoos signal a strong lack of both."

Ben outrageously continues: "The sexual market value of a man is dependent on his ability to protect and provide. Tattoos are irrelevant."

Watch the TikTok video below:

TikTok users in the comments blasted Ben for his close-minded approach to tattoos and his audacity for sending Morgan the message.

"The way they rationalize their misogyny and present it as intellectual bravery," one person wrote.

Another commented: "Watch him then go on Reddit and complain that he doesn't understand why he can't find a girlfriend."

"Every day I wake up grateful to be a lesbian," a third wrote, while a fourth stated: "The red flags just wave themselves these days."

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