Watch this terrifying moment as a man literally gets sucked into a fireball at the grill.

I am relatively new to grilling. I know that I may come off as the manliest of men, but when it comes to the great outdoors, I'm a newbie. About three months ago, I decided to go "glamping". I was, of course, camping but in a cabin, fully equipped with WiFi and cable.

The cabin did have a grill outside, and it was my mission to figure that thing out. The reason I;m telling you this, is to say it's truly a surprise that I didn't end up like this guy. I had real troule lighting my grill, and relied heavily on fire-starters.

This guy, though, for whatever reason, decided to go ALL OUT on these things.

In the video, we see him literally throw an entire bucket into an already well-lit grill.

The grill, then, practically exploded, engulfing him in a fireball.

Luckily, he survived, but did receive severe burns.