Look, Marilyn Manson is creepy...and he might be a little broken. Legitimately. At least, according to his recent interview with Rolling Stone about his role in WGN TV's 'Salem'.

The show is filmed right here in Shreveport, and Manson was spotted all over town while filming was going on. But according to his interview, it was the stuff he was doing in his free time ON SET that seems a little, well...off. Here's what Manson said when asked about his free time in Shreveport:

"I'd seen that movie The Witch about a week into working on Salem, because I'd missed it in the theaters. And the goat in the movie, Black Phillip, became an obsession of mine. I was thinking I wanted to get a tattoo of Black Phillip, and I remembered that my first tattoo is of a black goat's head hat I got when I was 21 [laughs]. So on the last day of the shoot, I requested a black goat to play with, just off set, just for my own recreational purposes. But they brought a red goat, so I sang quite simply – and this will tie wonderfully into your magazine – "I see a red goat, and I want to paint it black." And everyone really got a kick out of it."

Manson follows up the statement by saying that he did, in fact, paint the goat black. Stating that the goat was "ornery".

That wasn't the only thing Manson did in his free time around Shreveport though. There was at least one night where he, and fellow 'Salem' actor Shane West, hit downtown Shreveport for some karaoke...

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