The Ark-La-Tex Has Its Fair Share of Scary Encounters With Alligators.

Do you remember when traffic on I-49 in Desoto Parish came to a standstill in May of 2022? It was a mammoth alligator our buddy Gary McCoy called it "Godzilla-ish" and he wasn't lying about this alligator on I-49, it was 13 feet long. Shortly after that, the Provenance Community had to get two alligators removed after they were found swimming in the pond where several children play. One alligator was a 12.5-foot alligator.

A Louisianan Sheriff's Department Had Fun On Facebook When a Deputy Spotted a Huge Alligator Outside a Store.

Did a Dollar General in Plaquemines Parish put a new security system in place? This new method will definitely deter any unwanted intruders, actually, it will deter anyone. Would you walk near an alligator? Deputy Tony Palmisano with Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Department got close enough for the picture shared by the department's Facebook page.

Deputy Tony Palmisano with Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Department
Deputy Tony Palmisano with Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Department

Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Department Didn't Waste Anytime Poking Fun at the Scary Find Outside of a Local Dollar General. 

"This little fella was patiently waiting for the Dollar General to open this morning! The best deals in town are always DTR!"  they attached a photo of the massive gator waiting outside of Dollar General. Could this Godzillalike creature be waiting for the goodness that is Little Debbie snacks? We still don't know who was called in to remove this big guy, but we are eager to find out how big this fella actually was. What is your guess?

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