Matthew Davidson found out Friday he had made the final cut for Kidd Kraddick's Rock Camp. By Sunday, he was in Dallas for rehearsal. By Monday, he had learned a new song along with his band mates and performed it live on air for over 80 markets on Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. That wouldn't be bad for a 30 year old... Here's the kicker... Matthew is 13 and he's already got to use Jenna's mic and met Tim Halperin of American Idol fame.


Momma Ella sent me a quick email this morning detailing exactly how to check out Matthew from this morning's show.


Matthew was on the Kidd Kraddick show at three different times today. You can click on this link:

Here are the times to go to:

1:41:17 - The interview with the Rock Camp band - live

1:58 - Band performing "Breakeven" - live

2:21:38 Matthew's interview

The fun continues here in Dallas!

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