How was Tuesday for Shreveport's own Matthew Davidson on Kidd Kraddick's Rock Camp? FUN! Listen to our interview from yesterday afternoon and check out what Ella (Matthew's mother) had to say about their jam packed Tuesday!!!

Matthew got a neat start to his day, receiving a smile and a wave from Jenna as we stopped for a minute outside of the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning studio. Matthew later gave Jenna a shout-out during his on-air interview. (Not sure that scored a lot of points with Kellie. lol). It’s obvious that the band and the Kidd Kraddick team are having a lot of laughs this week along with working on music.
Today’s celebrity guest was Patrick Stump (, whose single “This City” is available on iTunes beginning today. Patrick is on break from the group Fall Out Boys, working on a solo album.
The Rock Camp band’s name is “Breaking Even”, which Kidd joked is every musician’s hope in the music industry. Kidd’s staff even set up a Facebook page for the group. Click!/BreakingEvenTheBand
to like their page and follow their adventures for the rest of this week.
“Breaking Even” was on the Kidd Kraddick show two different times today. You can click on this link:
Here are the times to go to on the video:
2:28:36 -  Interview with Matthew and then the band performing, “Tonight, Tonight” - live
2:51- Band performing their original song “Where’d Your Manners Go?” – live
Tomorrow, “Breaking Even” will be performing “This City” with Patrick Stump. Stay tuned!