Former LSU fraternity member Matthew Naquin has been convicted of Negligent Homicide in the hazing death of Maxwell Gruver in 2017. The prosecution says Naquin was primarily responsible for the death and was the ringleader of the hazing incident where Gruver was pressured into drinking himself to death.

Earlier in the trial, other members of the fraternity spoke out against Naquin, saying he had a vendetta against Gruver, and wanted him out of the organization. Gruver was found dead the morning after the hazing incident with a blood alcohol content of .495, six times the legal limit.

The Defense says Gruver’s death was no one’s fault and attempted to say Gruver had a history of using drugs and drinking.

The 21-year-old Naquin faces anywhere from five years in prison, to probation for the killing. He’s also been charged with Obstruction of Justice for deleting hundreds of files and texts from his cell phone before turning the device over to authorities.

The incident resulted in the banning of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity from campus until at least 2033, and the passage of a much harsher set of felony level hazing penalties.

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