We all know the story of the Titanic, It was the ship that couldn't sink.. That did. The ship hit an Iceberg and sank on a freezing night in April killing more than 1,500 passengers! But did you ever hear about the fire in the ship before the Iceberg?

Ohio State Engineering Professor Robert Essenhigh and Titanic expert Senan Molony say that new evidence shows that a fire might be the original cause of the ships problems. Clues from the wreckage show there might have been a fire in the coal bunker which could be the reason for the ship speeding up in waters known for having Icebergs.

Even more shocking is the experts claim there might be proof there was a fire before the ships voyage ever began which they say could be signs of criminal negligence. The debate will continue on and some say we may never know the truth... But we do know there was room for Jack if Rose would have just moved over!

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