Of course you remember the Burger King employee in Lake Charles who lost her job after going off on a customer. If you don't have any clue what I'm referring to, click here.

She lost her job for a verbal attack, chances are this McDonald's employee will lose his after a physical attack caught on tape.

The video comes from a McDonald's in East Lansing, Michigan. The video itself, however, does not capture the entire event, just the finale. On tape, you see a McDonald's employee walk to the entrance and approach an unseen man. The man then appears briefly on camera, until he is pummeled by a left hook from the employee.

The student who suffered the devastating McPunch apparently instigated the entire ordeal. A witness names Kevin Lange claims the student was intoxicated, and he spit on the counter toward the employees. He also threw a "Caution: Wet Floor"  at the workers.

Lange also says several McDonald's employees tried to get the man to leave and attempted to escort him from the building. One of the men pushed the customer to the ground in the process, he said. That's when the video starts, as the customer is getting off the ground and re-entering the establishment.

Here's the footage, and it contains the S-Word at the end so watch out.

Should he be fired?