We have more bad news for Smilers that were planning to hit up Miley Cyrus' Bangerz Tour this weekend.

The singer, battling a severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic she took to treat a sinus infection, has had to cancel several shows while she is recovering. She's not thrilled about it, either.

reports that Miley, who axed her Kansas City show (April 15) and her St. Louis show (April 16), is now canceling tonight's show (April 18) in Nashville, as well as Saturday's (April 19) show in Louisville. Her next show is slated for Philly on Monday, April 21.

The singer's condition is severe, and doctors say that it could take as many as 27 days for her to experience a FULL recovery.

Cyrus shared a hospital bed selfie, expressing her disappointment at not being able to perform for her fans.

Another thing she is not stoked about? The media suggesting that her condition is not what she and her rep say it is. At first, it was suggested Miley was run down due to grief after her dog Floyd's tragic death. Emotional devastation can further exacerbate a physical condition, so that would have made sense. But then some stories suggested she was partying to numb the pain and that made her sick.

Miley wants the media to stop scaring her family, friends and fans with those types of reports and posted the official statement below, with a few choice words expressing her frustration at reports. So take her word for it based on the tweet, peeps.

Get better soon, Miley! Allergic reactions are no fun. We are pulling for you to make a quick recovery!

See her statement on things below.