Miley Cyrus peppers her tweets and Instagram pics with emojis. Now, she has added a not-so-permanent one to her tattoo collection.

The singer got an emoji tattoo on her inner lower lip, which she proudly displayed on Instagram. It's a crying kitty.

The thing about lip tattoos, however, is that they aren't actually permanent. They tend to last around five years or so; they fade due to the chemicals and the acids in the mouth and the inks are absorbed by the body since the mouth is constantly moist. They also need touch ups; therefore, it's almost as though it's a temporary accessory.

So it is a low commitment inking -- sort of like her Rolling Stone tattoo on the bottom of her feet.

On another note, Miley has some really flawless white teeth, doesn't she?! You get a good look at her chompers in this pic.

In addition to showing off the new ink, she's been making music and getting stoned with Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips. Busy gal!

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