Louisiana's current minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. Should it be higher?

I remember years ago when I first started working, it was awfully hard making money on our minimum wage. Granted, I was a Junior in high school, so my work money really just went to school lunch, but still, $7.25 is very low.

It (somehow) looks even lower when you compare our wage to the wage coming to Arkansas. Arkansas voted this week to raise their minimum wage to $11 an hour by 2021.

Believe it or not, Louisiana is one of only five states without a minimum wage law, as it uses the most recent federal minimum.

Arkansas wasn't the only state to raise minimum wage this week, Missouri also voted to raise theirs, which will be $12 an hour by 2023.

Where do you stand on this? Should our state raise our minimum to that of our neighbors to the North or is $7.25 where it should be?