Buc-ee’s Has Set Its Eyes on a New State to Invest $50 Million in.

What lucky state can we all be jealous of? Mississippi earned that beaver love. South Mississippi will have a new destination, yes, we all know that Buc-ee's has turned into a destination of sorts.

Not only is Buc-ee's coming in with a whole lot of money, but Harrison County is also investing over $15 million into infrastructure to support the development surrounding Buc-ee's.

According to WLOX.com, the 80,000 square foot gigantic gas station will be located at the exit off Menge Avenue and Interstate 10 which borders the Gulf of Mexico.

What Other States Besides Texas Have a Buc-ee's Location?

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and South Carolina, and now Mississippi can all brag that they have Buc-ee's locations.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

Why Does Buc-ee's Hate Its Neighboring State?

Louisiana has so many places where a huge 80,000 square foot Buc-ee's could come and set up shop. think of all the jobs it could create, so the question remains. Why not Louisiana? What if Buc-ee's isn't to blame?

Is Louisiana to Blame for Not Getting a Buc-ee's?

Back in 2016 there Buc-ee's was geared and ready to move into Baton Rouge, although Buc-ee's never disclosed why they killed the project, someone affiliated with the gas station giant told the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report that "the stars did not align in Louisiana."

Why Didn't the Stars Align in Louisiana for Buc-ee's?

Simply put, Louisiana isn't eager to bring in businesses like Buc-ee's. Why? We can assume that it's all the infrastructure that surrounds a Buc-ee's. Harrison County is dropping $15 million on the surrounding area of the new gas station, what makes us silly Louisianans think that Louisiana is eager and ready to spend money where there aren't major kickbacks for politicians? Why won't Lousiana give a tax break to Buc-ee's like other states have done?

Louisiana is the Reason Buc-ee's Won't Come to the Bayou State

Until Louisiana wants to play ball, and welcome Buc-ee's with open arms we won't be getting a Buc-ee's anytime soon.

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