Mississippi State baseball was all over the web yesterday. At first, they were everywhere due to their cool warm up shirts. The shirts certainly got everyone's attention because it had a cool design and the Las Vegas sign on the front that read "VIVA STARKVEGAS Mississippi".

I'm not even a Mississippi State fan and I thought the shirts were pretty cool.

Shortly after the shirts were photographed, someone, a lot smarter than I, realized two things;

1. The shirt is designed with multi-colored dotted lettering that spells out "Hail State" and "Left Field Lounge", but that's not all.

2. The shirt also contains a vulgar slam against Ole Miss, saying "F--k THE SCHOOL UP NORTH."

WHOA! How in the heck did that get approved??? No one from Mississippi State has claimed responsibility for the design, and no one from Adidas has either. Someone at Miss State or Adidas clearly thought no one would ever find the encoded message.

Here's what the Mississippi State Athletic Director had to say.


And here are the shirts, with the encoded message highlighted...


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