It's been pretty clear in hip-hop that most rappers don't like President Donald Trump at all. For Mistah F.A.B., he has a few questions that he wants President Trump to answer on his newest single "Dear Mr. President." The Bay Area OG addresses his concerns over the Supply and Demand-produced record.

"Dear President, on behalf of the poor/I am writin' you a letter, hope it hits your front door/If you do happen to read it, I just hope you don't ignore/You still got money for war but can't feed the poor/Mr. President, if you open, can you come and sit with us?," he raps on the hook.

He touches on the differences between Trump's current presidency and Obama's run as Commander-in-Chief for the previous eight years.

"Obama gave us hope, he became Martin's dream/Malcolm gave us strength 'cause we fight by any means/Huey gave us heart, take no shit from all them pigs/Marcus Garvey gave us smarts, to return to where we live/Harriet freed slaves, could freed many more/But they knew not they was slaves, as we know not we are poor/Julie Lynch rolled some paper, gave the masters master plans/Former kings of the motherland, became master's man," Mistah F.A.B. spits.

Listen to "Dear Mr. President" below.

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