Is it just me, or do these stories seem to be cropping up more and more? Is society in a downward spiral or are social media and the internet allowing us more access to information? Either way, the thought of a mother gluing her toddler's hands to a wall as a part of their potty training punishment is beyond horrifying. Adding in the fact that she beat the child, I have to wonder if 99  years in prison is enough. I get being at the end of your rope, but there's just no explaining this. How could anyone do this? Especially to a two year old? The fact that the story comes from Dallas, just hours away, makes the story even harder to digest. According to NBC News:

DALLAS -- Elizabeth Escalona, the 23-year-old mother of five who admitted to gluing her daughter’s hands to the wall and beating her as potty training punishment, was sentenced Friday to 99 years.

In announcing the sentence, state District Judge Larry Mitchell said Escalona "savagely beat" her child and deserved to be punished.

That's pretty much says it all. SMH