Congressman Mike Johnson talks about the news that ICE has bussed Haitian immigrants to Shreveport the news that there may be more to come.

More than 75 Haitian immigrants were dropped off late last week by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Shreveport officials say there may be more busloads to come.

Buses carrying the Haitians left them at downtown's SporTran Terminal. The arrival of the immigrants came with little or no warning to city government.

"This is a crisis," says Johnson, saying that he and Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins heard the news of the buses about the same time. "I told the mayor that he needs to call the White House and get President Biden's attention, like I and my Republican colleagues are trying to do. We could fix this mess today, but President Biden and his administration are doubling down on...their crazy policies."

Here's what Johnson told KEEL News on Monday morning:

"We're going to continue to see this surge of immigrants and illegal aliens dropped all over the country for the foreseeable future until the White House reverses course.

I was told by ICE that these people have been in custody for some time. They (ICE) got an inexplicable order from Washington to empty out the facilities."

The Congressman then expresses more frustration that, with the COVID Delta variant surging, nothing is know about the medical conditions of those being turned loose. "The (ICE) don't know anything. They told me that almost none of the people that their dropping off speak English, most have no money and no plans once they arrive at these destinations like Shreveport...or wherever else they're going. They have no picture ID, no verification of identity. Their not COVID tested when they come across the border. This is a crisis. There's no law and order and it look intentional."

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