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Thinking about getting into comic book investing? Its not a bad idea. So far in 2021 (and for most of 2020) these collectibles industry has seen explosive growth. Especially comic books.

A lot of the comic book values, especially in Marvel Comics, is driven by movies and TV shows. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, or MCU, is one of the strongest drivers of these increases.

So we pulled up all the first appearances for these MCU heroes, and then checked the fair market value for a graded copy for each. The grade we chose was a 9.6, because that seemed like a fair point. If we pushed to a 9.8 grade, the scarcity of some books in that grade really skewed the data. We used Comics.GoCollect.com for our reference source. Here's what we found:

Most Valuable First Comic Appearances Of MCU Heroes

We looked at the fair market value of a graded 9.6 copy of each one of these books, according to Comics.GoCollect.com

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