If you're a Mudstock veteran, you probably make a list of the essentials you need to bring days in advance. But what about the smaller things that might slip your mind? Whether you're a seasoned Mudstocker or an excited newbie asking, 'what should I bring to Mudstock,' here are five things we recommend you bring for the trip.

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    Bug Spray

    The mosquitoes in Jacksonville, Texas are as big as mini ATVs! OK, so maybe that's an exaggeration, but they're still pretty big. Bring a can of bug spray. Scratch that -- bring a case.

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    Hand Sanitizer

    For 99 percent of the time you're at Mudstock, it will be perfectly acceptable to be completely caked in mud. Heck, if you aren't, you're doing Mudstock wrong. But when it's time to eat, you'll probably want your hands to not be a muddy mess.

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    If you plan to drive around during Mudstock (and why wouldn't you?), a bandana is a must-have. Unless you enjoy crunching on red dirt the whole weekend, bring a few of them to wear over your mouth. You can find them in most big-box stores and they're pretty cheap.

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    Everyone loves beer. Well, at least all the ATV-driving, mud-loving Mudstock attendees do. Of course, we urge everyone to drink responsibly and not do anything stupid.

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    A Sweet Ride

    OK, so we lied: This is no small thing, and you're unlikely to forget it. The most important part of a fun and memorable Mudstock experience is riding a great ATV or side-by-side around River Run ATV Park with your friends and family.

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