It's no secret that I am a little extra at times. My dog Olive is my favorite part of coming home and I realized that my fiance was missing that epic piece of coming home. He has always had his eyes on a small golden dog of some kind. Both of his brothers have cavapoos and cockapoos, basically a smaller version of a golden poodle.

I set out to make my man's dream happen and with the help of my family, we surprised him and got him his dream dog. With the big surprise out of the way, I needed to focus on telling you. How do I tell the whole world that I am adding a new furry baby to my crazy circus?

I called my Glammy and said are you down for a photoshoot? She didn't even ask questions and just said yes. We all need a ride or die in our life who is a photographer. Here is what we did that caused my phone to blow up with people assuming I got pregnant and was announcing the gender of my human child. Yes, it was totally worth it and I am still laughing about it.

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