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Yes, it's a song by Nickelback, and no, I'm not ashamed of it.

During a little office discussion this week, I was surprised to know that literally no one in my building even halfway agrees with me on my favorite song. Out of all the songs thrown around, mine was the only one that not only caused an argument but also I feel it angered by the people I work with.

Let me start by saying this... I've never understood the hate that Nickelback receives. The facts are simple, Nickelback is one of the highest-grossing bands OF ALL TIME. They are literally the Tom Brady of music. Everyone hates them, yet they don't stop winning. They refuse to lose, despite the hate, so I truly do admire them in that way.

I've always believed "Animals" by Nickelback is one of the greatest songs ever written and recorded. Not just the lyrics, I love everything about this song. I love the way it flows and grows as the song progresses. I believe it's an absolute classic and it is, without question, my favorite song of all time. This is strange to admit publicly, but I believe even the biggest Nickelback hater can't resist admiring this song, even if it's only behind closed doors.

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