The K945 Cash Code returned today, giving you three chances every weekday to win $5,000. Of course, I can't win, but if I could, here's what I would buy.

The contest you know and love has returned giving you more chances to win serious money. It's those three words that everyone in Shreveport, Louisiana loves... K945 Cash Code. Every single weekday at 8:20 AM, 12:20 PM, and 4:20 PM, we give you a cash code which you can enter HERE for a chance to win up to $5,000.

While I was hyping up the contest this afternoon during the show, I started thinking about what I would buy if I won $5,000. I starting with about a million ideas, but I finally narrowed it down to the top five.

Check out my list below and feel free to give me your top five in the comment section below!


  • 1

    I'm Going to Disney World

    Without a doubt, this is number one on my list. I try every year to take my daughters on a nice vacation. Generally it's a week at the beach, or maybe a cruise, but the ultimate dream would be Disney World. I haven't been able to pull it off quite yet, but if $5,000 was dropped into my account, I'm definitely booking a trip to Orlando.

  • 2

    1984 Datsun 300zx

    Everyone who knows me knows this is my favorite car of all time. Once upon a time, you could find me driving one of these suckers around Shreveport. Of course, those were the days before the kiddos, and I ended up selling it a few months before my daughter was born in favor of something with back seats. With five grand, I'm going to get y dream car.

  • 3

    Debt, Debt, and More Debt

    The responsible side of me would be pushing for this option if I came into $5,000. I don't have much debt, but with five thousand bones, I could get totally out of the red and finally be able to breathe a little.

  • 4

    Shopping Spree With The Daughters

    I cannot possibly tell you how happy it would make me to take my daughters to a local boutique and just go crazy. It's tough on a single dad to make sure the girls are always as cute as they want to be, with $5,000, I'd buy them more clothes than they could ever know what to do with.

  • 5

    New Furniture, Finally

    After moving in January, it's been harder than I imagined to re-stock on new furniture. I've been chipping away, adding furniture here and there to all of our rooms, but with 5 G's chilling in the bank account, I could fully outfit the new bad with nice, new furniture.

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