Trying to run a business amid this COVID-19 crisis? DO the opposite of Natural Light.

If you're running a business during these strange and unique times, I would try to avoid shaming your loyal patrons. When I was 21, the first beer I ever bought for myself was a good ole case of Natty Lite. Man, what I would give for a time machine.

Today, a (reasonable) few years after I hit the legal drinking age, I decided to try something new. I've seen commercials for Natural Light Seltzer and I wanted to give it a shot.

I was about halfway through a round of golf when I decided to publish my love for these Natural Light Seltzers and man, did it backfire on me quickly.

I published a short video highlighting the relatively new seltzers while smashing a drive nearly 300 yards. The brand, however, was not impressed, leaving me to forever search for any and all other alcoholic options moving forward.