This might be a good list to keep handy as we move through the year.

As humans, I think we sometimes crave getting out of our routine. As much as we thrive off of structure, it's nice to get away from it all. This is why I'm a big fan of long weekend getaways, especially if you can turn off your phone.

I'm feeling more peaceful already.

Recently, Expedia found the best place to escape to in every state. They are simply beautiful spaces that can help us unwind and recharge. Heck, they may become places that we actually live one day. Isn't there a saying about living where others vacation?

Here's what they found for the Ark-La-Tex...

Arkansas: Hot Springs

I'm not surprised by this one since you can literally soak in nature's bathtub. Expedia raved about these hot springs' healing benefits. There are also plenty of hiking trails to take advantage of.

Louisiana: Mandeville

Expedia says this place was made for slowing down. Book a room overlooking the lake and be sure to get out on the water while your there. You an rent a canoe or take a guided kayak swamp tour.

Texas: Big Bend

I've heard great things about Big Bend and those wide open spaces, no to mention the sky at night. Expedia says the skies here are the darkest in the lower 48 states. There are plenty of rivers and trees to help you escape the city life.

Notice how each of these locations include some sort of water? I think there's something to that. Maybe these getaways are a baptism of sorts for our stress.

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