If you or someone you know currently enjoys the benefits of the streaming service Netflix using someone else's account credentials, you might want to hurry up and finish binge watching the shows you love before you lose the chance.  The streaming service has been struggling to find a solution to the millions of dollars they lose every year to account sharing.  Data from research firm Magid suggests that 26% of millennials share passwords, and to combat it Netflix is making a deal with skynet.

Ok, the program Netflix is gearing up to implement isn't exactly the humanity-ending artificial intelligence from the Terminator series - but if Sarah Connor is using someone else's password, it will find her.  Software makers Synamedia showed off their free-loader hunting program at the latest Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to tons of stunned spectators.  The Credentials Sharing Insight software will most likely be instituted this year.  You might want to let your brother-in-law know to hurry up and finish Bird Box.

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