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Shreveport and the surrounding cities have some pretty amazing properties for anyone looking for a home.  Everyone from the first time homebuyer to the real estate tycoon has a wide variety and price range to choose from.

We've Got it All!

Want to live in the country, surrounded by hunting, fishing, and some good old peace & quiet?  We've got plenty of that.  Want to live in a trendy and bustling subdivision?  We have those by the score!  Swank city living, lake-side condos, and the list goes on and on. With all of this going for us, how on earth could we be almost the worst (thanks Hartford, Connecticut) when it comes to real estate?

So, Where Did We Go Wrong?

Like it or not, the latest survey from Wallet Hub ranked Shreveport, Louisiana 299th out of the 300 cites that met the criteria for the study.  That almost-last-place should anger a lot of folks in the Bayou State, and rightfully so!  Only the aforementioned Hartford performed worse in regard to the criteria used to (harshly) judge these cities.  According to the data posted here, they employed "18 relevant metrics" to create the list.

Things like median home-price appreciation, the share of "seriously underwater" mortgages, the ratio of rent price to mortgage price, housing affordability, jobless rate, and more all factored into the equation.

So If We're at the Bottom, Who's at the Top?

If you're wondering just who hit the top of this ranking, it seems like you can't throw a rock without hitting an awesome market in Texas.  When the dust settled, the Lone Star State brought in 5 of the top 10 cities for real estate in 2021- including Frisco, the city that rang the bell at #1.

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