Let's place this challenge up there with the Tide Pods. At least this one won't kill you as fast. We live in a world of trends and the desire for social media fame. We have gone from dumping buckets of cold water on our selves, to eating detergent, and now letting dogs eat from out mouth.

The challenge is simple. Lay down, open your mouth, put something in your mouth for your dog to lick or eat, and film it. Now, I will admit freely that I have shared food with my dogs in the past. I have held treats in my lip or teeth and let them come take it. Never, would I have thought it would get to this point.

In this video, the kid lays down as someone pours milk into his mouth. Ole fido strolls up and starts licking the milk from his mouth bowl, and we all cringe as it happens. I personally find it hilarious that someone thought of this, and even more funny that people are actually jumping on this train!

If you are one to jump on the "a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's", you'd still be wrong. We have roughly the same amount of bacteria floating around in there, but the added part is that if Scruffy has been eating cat poop or raw meat, he will also be carrying salmonella. It doesn't mean you'll get sick from puppy kisses, but you'll make us all sick if you try this dumb challenge.

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