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Listen up Louisiana entrepreneurs, if you've got a killer business idea - you just might be exactly who Nexus Louisiana is looking for.  The collective of investors, strategists, and business experts has launched a "high-stakes pitch competition," and at the end of this rainbow is a fat check written to the winner's business to the tune of $100,000.

Nexus Louisiana Wants to Award Our State's Next Big Business $100K

The entrepreneurial spirit is strong in our state, but some of the best ideas die on the vine du to lack of funding.  To get that vital money needed to get the business off of the ground, most start-ups require a significant cash infusion from investors.  That is sometimes the hardest part, but Nexus Louisiana is providing a pretty bright light at the end of this tunnel.  The $100K prize that goes to the business selected through this competition could be the make-or-break money that your amazing business idea needs.

Nexus Louisiana Will Award $100K to an "Investible" Business with the Best Pitch

Budding entrepreneurs that want to get in on this opportunity to boost their business will need to wow Nexus Louisiana judges with an incredible "pitch."  Just think of the hit ABC show Shark Tank.  You know, the one where a panel of investors listen to a business owners speech tailored to pique the interest of folks willing to fork over cash to buy a piece of the proverbial pie.  You'll need an airtight business plan and a two-page executive summary to submit an application by the due date (January 25th, 2022).

Not Every Business Will Qualify for Nexus Louisiana's $100K "High-Stakes Pitch Competition"

This competition is only open to Louisiana businesses, or those that are willing to relocate to our state if they are selected - but, that's not the only qualification needed to enter this contest.  According to Business Report, companies that want to compete must have brought in less than $250,000 in annual revenue as of Dec. 31, 2021.  These burgeoning businesses must be an "incorporated" company (that's a LLC, S Corp, or C Corp), and have a "scalable, high-growth business model with a strong management team."

Applications for Nexus Louisiana's $100K "High-Stakes Pitch Competition" are Being Accepted Now

If your business meets all of the criteria, and you could use $100K in operating capitol - you need to jump on this!  You can review the rules and submit your application here.  What do you have to lose?  $100K for your business, if you let this opportunity pass you by.

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