Finally, a break from the nonsense that usually comes along with a profession retirement announcement. You know how it goes most of the time, and NFL player whose time is up spends week going back and forth debating retirement and flip flopping on answers, the whole process is always really stupid to me.

That's why I now have more respect for one player, after he goes the road less traveled and is actually honest during a post-game interview.

The player is Steve Smith Sr., who after 16 seasons has decided to walk away on top. Of course, his Ravens did not make the post season, so by "on top" I mean with style and grace, which is more than most athletes can say.

Steve, who I believe is still one of the greatest wide receivers in the NFL today, is a sure hall of famer and his candid answer to the retirement question moves him up a few notches in my book.

Watch as Steve answers the question on the field, immediately after his final game.