January 26, 2011

Scarlett found a new man? Did Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz have a baby boy or girl? Nicki Minaj talking about having children with Drake? Find out more with today's Hizziewood Hizzle!

Oh the heartbreak... for Kidd. Scarlett Johansson has a new man and he's very funny. She has been spending time with Jason Sudeikis. Scarlett and Jason met while she was hosting SNL a few months back and they've reportedly been on a handful of dates. Just this past weekend, the pair met up with Will Forte and his date at Father's Office-a pub in Santa Monica. A fellow diner says that Jason reached across the table to hold her hand a few times and they were very flirtatious. Scarlett's rep says that the whole SNL group and Scarlett are friends now that she's hosted 3 times. Interestingly, Jason just dumped his girlfriend, January Jones. Can someone say upgrade?

Yesterday was a great day for Javier Bardem. He scored a Best Actor Oscar nomination and his wife Penelope Cruz, gave birth to their baby! The couple had the child at Cedars Sinai in LA! No word on the gender or the name yet!

Jersey Shore's plans to leave the states and head to Italy may be ruined all because of Ronnie. MTV had planned to take the show to Italy for filming next season but Ronnie's arrest record is likely going to prevent him from being a part of it all. He was indicted on an assault charge from back in 2009 while filming an episode of the show. In order to obtain a Visa, you cannot have an unresolved criminal record. His role is apparently so crucial, that the case has been sent to the US Embassy in Washington, D.C.!

Nicki Minaj has taken over Europe and has possibly admitted to dating Drake?! During a BBC interview yesterday she teased about what their children would look like saying, "I think [our children will] definitely have my personality. My mother-in-law will be super beautiful, so that's good 'cause Drake's mom is freaking amazing. I love her," Minaj said. "They’ll have Drake's intelligence, they'll have his sarcastic wittiness that I love about him, and they'll have his songwriting skills." Then she said, "Wait, did I just say that? That would be like incest or something".