There is this fun website I like to explore from time to time that is all about red heads. They discuss everything from make up solutions to the history of the red heads. The site is literally called How To Be a Red Head.

According to an article on the How To Be a Red Head website, red heads are presented as being witches throughout history. I know, this sounds so silly because this obviously not true.

The article mentions a few instances in Africa and Western Europe that people pretty much treated red heads like outsiders and called them witches because they looked different. When I was reading the article I thought there is no way this is actually true. I dug a little deeper into the "historical facts".

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I found that no only is this true, but it is true across the world. According to The Myths and History of Red Hair, Eastern Christians thought "red hair was seen as untrustworthy and something that aroused suspicion" to witch craft or dealing with dark forces.

The Greeks were no better! According to Owlocation, the Greeks thought that red heads would come back as vampires once they die. Get this! Aristotle, the philosopher, said that red heads were "un-housebroken". Seriously?! What does that even mean?


15th century Germany wasn't fond of red heads either. According to Daily Mail, 45,000 red heads were tortured and murdered for being witches.

As you can see this is super silly. Red heads are not witches. Your hair color doesn't determine whether or not you dabble into dark magical forces.


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