In April, Sal's Pizza was found no longer in downtown Shreveport. Now, we know what's next for some of the SBC's best pizza.

You'd be hard pressed to find someone who goes out on the weekends that doesn't know about Sal's Pizza. Heck, I bet many people who never go out, know all about this deliciousness. For years, Sal's Pizza could be found at one of Shreveport's downtown hot-spots.

Now, Sal's Pizzeria has a new look... And new wheels.

Sal has dubbed this "Sal's Emergency Pizza Services", and while I'm not familiar with the legalities of operating a food truck that is literally an ambulance, I have to say I absolutely LOVE this idea.

No kidding, it's literally an ambulance, where you can get that Pizza IV just before you go into withdraws.

Here's the Facebook post with the announcement as well as speaking to his future plans!



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