By day JuJu Road is a quiet place. By night it's a place of terror.

Travel far enough down Swan Lake Road in Bossier and you come across JuJu Road. Prior to the Civil War, JuJu Road was a secluded, peaceful place until deemed a death scene.

A slave was caught with his master’s daughter. Filled with rage, the man drug the slave to Juju Road and hung him.

Those unlucky enough to find themselves on JuJu Road at night encounter the deceased slave. Many can see the shadow of his body in the moonlight swinging from that same tree. Others have encountered the slave freeing himself from the branch and wandering the road. Hooded figures with torches can also be seen approaching the tree.

Are they forever punishing the slave for what he did? Or looking to deliver the same ill fate to innocent visitors?

***This tale was gathered from numerous stories about JuJu Road. It is not meant to be taken as fact.***

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