According to The New York Times, several major websites were attacked today. The websites include Twitter, Netflix, Spotify and many others. Dyn, a company that monitors internet traffic said they found a 'distributed denial-of-service attack' around 7 am this morning. A 'distributed denial-of-service attack' occurs when hackers swarm a site with so much traffic that it collapses in on itself.

The scary part about this entire attack is how these attacks were able to take ahold of the internet. Apparently, as The New York Times says, the attack relied on devices that were connected to the internet like cameras, monitors, home routing equipment. You can get a more detailed look into the story here.

Imagine all the information that we display on social media and in our private accounts on different sites. Our billing information to who our great great great grandfather was. (They hacked

Since the attack this morning things seemed to be resolved. However, this doesn't seem like it will be the last attack we will see at a scale this large. What does this mean for us in the future? Will we eventually keep our sacred information away from computers all together? I highly doubt that.


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