I live in a house divided. For some people that simply means that one person is a Cowboys fan and the other a Saints fan.

However, at my house, it's a lot more personal than some NFL team. No, this one lends itself to the very fiber of our home and marriage. It's brought me to prayer for my wife on more than one occasion.

See, she's a Notini's fan and I'm a Monjuni's fan. Sad isn't it? Yes, we live a pretty uneventful life, so we marvel at the few things we disagree upon, but this one has had us knotted up on more than one occasion.

I love that sweet Monjuni's sauce. She says she can "tolerate" it, but her heart belongs to Notini's.  I have to admit that very few people can come anywhere close to Notini's sweet tea with mint and their pizza is worth the drive, even if you were coming in from Wyoming.

But that Monjuni's sauce is what dreams are made of.  Whether it's their spaghetti or in their lasagna, I'm a junkie and I'm not afraid to own that.

Of course, in an "informal poll" I did here at our radio stations, I was certainly in the minority. Notini's was the overwhelming favorite, but I could certainly feel the passion other Monjuni's fans shared with me over that sauce.

So, here we are on National Spaghetti Day and in order to enjoy the festivities tonight, we'll have to make a decision.  Notini's or Monjuni's?

Certainly it's a "first world problem", but this is one of those good problems to have. In my opinion, we have the best of both worlds here.  Just imagine living in one of those poor towns with neither of these to choose from.   Or worse yet, what if all you had to choose from was "truck stop spaghetti" or Ragu from a jar?

Yes, it could be worse!  Whichever is your favor, hope you get the chance to get out tonight and enjoy National Spaghetti Day!

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