Love camping? Love camping in the nude?? Love camping in the nude while in Louisiana??? This is for you!

I pride myself on my willingness to pretty much do anything. I rarely say no to any experience, I like to believe I would be willing to try just about anything at least once. However, I think I might have found at least one thing I don't think I would do. With the size of mosquitos in Louisiana, I don't think I could ever work up the courage to go camping in the nude.

It's true, believe it or not, there is a nudist camp right here in Louisiana. Indian Hills Nudist Park is located in Slidell, LA, and the only two things that are mandatory at Indian Hills are nudity and having a good time.

Well, totally nude, except for a mask of course.

The nudist park was founded all the way back in 1971 by “Professor” Gottlieb Kogel. The park is still booming to this day featuring all types of weekly activities for campers including volleyball, karaoke, and a large swimming pool. In fact, just this week alone their calendar features karaoke and game night. COVID-19 has stopped many things, but a fun time at a nudist camp is not one of them.

Do you think you want to stay at Indian Hills? I'll tell you what, if this article gets 1,000 shares on Facebook, I will stay a night at Indian Hills Nudist Park and film the entire thing. 1,000 shares on THIS article on Facebook, and I will do it!

For more information on Indian Hills, click HERE.



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