After all, what good is a bar unless it has a good theme to back it up?

Don't mistake the phrase "eye-catching" for classy and pricey. Sometimes the most eye-catching things are those that are unique, quirky, or off the wall. That's exactly what Super Call was looking for when they put together their list of "The Most Eye-Catching Theme Bar in Every State."

Super Call knows a thing or two about watering holes. They are the "Spirit of Cocktails and Culture and they've noticed a sense of spirit when it comes to bars with a theme. Everyone is looking for something they can connect with.

Themes resonate with people, through nostalgia, pop culture and a variety of other emotionally enticing things that can inspire of-age drinkers to leave their homes, buy a drink and Instagram their surroundings.

For Louisiana, that bar is The John in New Orleans. I bet you could guess what their theme is from the name, but I'll tell you anyway. It's all about the porcelain throne. Don't think nasty port-a-potties though. This is more classy, with gold-plated seats that have been fashioned into chairs.

Just keep in mind that these are not operational seats.