My dog Olive is my best friend, I couldn't imagine life without her. I wish everyone had an Olive. That's why we teamed up with Ninna's Road to Rescue. We love to show off some of Ninna's adoptable dogs, so hopefully, you find that companion you've been looking for.

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Meet Shark he is a small Chihuahua who was born on 11/23/2010 and weighs 4.8 tiny pounds. He is great with other dogs and cats but prefers to sit on your lap. A quiet calm home would be best for him. Although his name is Shark, he has no teeth; his bottom jaw has receded as a result of no teeth, so he needs wet food and monitored to make sure he is eating.

Here is what the crew at Ninna's said about this cute companion: "Shark came to us with Bissell and Wyoming from a breeder situation. He is very shy and timid and needs a quiet and calm home. Once he’s used to you we’re certain he won’t leave your side… but right now he does play a little hard to get. He is curious about his new surroundings and the rescue and trots around like he’s the size of the 10-pound dogs. LOL! He has quite a bit of confidence around the other dogs and that’s likely because that’s what he’s used to. He does great in a kennel but doesn’t know anything about a leash. If you think you can provide Mr. Shark with a quiet home and you have a lap for him… we’d love to hear from you."

Notes from Ninna's Road to Rescue:

"*We do adopt out of state provided the adopter is willing and able to travel to us once approved. We do not ship or transport our animals and there is no exception to this rule.

*All of our adoptable dogs are small, and they are never to be left outside alone, ever! We only rehome our dogs to adopters that plan to have them as inside dogs and part of the family! We do allow adopters with doggie doors, provided there is SECURE fencing. There is no exception to this rule!

*HOUSETRAINING: We do NOT guarantee that any of our adoptable dogs are housetrained. While most should be easily trained, keep in mind that they live in a rescue where they have access to the outdoors all day and are inside at night. Even if they were surrendered to us as housetrained, it doesn’t mean they will automatically be housetrained in your home. Housetraining them should be easy in the right home with time, patience, and consistency.

*We do not guarantee the age, health or temperament of any of the dogs we rehome. Many of the dogs we take in come from animal control and rarely do we have histories and even when we do, many times the histories are inaccurate.

*Only adopters with a responsible dog ownership history and excellent vet reference need apply. If you bring this pet into your heart and home, you will receive in return many years of love, companionship, and loyalty. That’s our guarantee.

Other notes: This pet is available for adoption through Ninna’s Road to Rescue, Benton, La. We are 501c3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to rescue small-breed dogs and a handful of cats and to re-home them into RESPONSIBLE and CARING forever homes.

Time may be of the essence if you are looking to adopt a specific animal. We do not reserve animals, unless and until we have approved your application, provided the animal is still available at the time we receive your application. The first APPROVED application we receive will be considered. We are NOT a first-come, first-serve rescue!! We adopt our rescues out to the RIGHT home, not just A home. Only responsible pet owners need to apply.

Applying to adopt does NOT commit you to the adoption until you’ve met the pet (unless you already have and know you want to adopt the pet)."

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