I've always thought the Olympics were magical. Yes, I'm one of those people that is glued to the TV during the Olympics. There's just something so GRAND about being chosen to represent your country in your respective sport in front of the entire World! I (you probably guessed this) am a fan of Olympic Equestrian sports. Well we have two Olympians in town this weekend!

David and Karen O'Connor are teaching an eventing clinic this weekend at Holly Hill Equestrian Center in Benton. Their list of accomplishments would take PAGES but to put it in perspective, David has not only earned many Olympic medals, he is the president of the U.S. Equestrian Federation which puts the U.S. Olympic team together. To avoid any conflicts, he's not involved with selecting team members. Why? His wife Karen has won many medals for the United States in addition to being the U.S. Eventing Association's Female Equestrian Athlete of the Year a record TEN TIMES. Of course, if anyone ever screamed foul about either of them being involved with the U.S. team, they'd be blind, but that's just my humble opinion from lil old Haughton, LA. I would love to some day ride with Karen and/or David. Actually, just being in their presence and breathing the same air is good enough for me because I'd be scared to death of making a fool of myself (and I would) but I have had the opportunity to ride with David's mother Sally O'Connor, who is the Queen of ALL Dressage, and I have to tell you, if he and his wife are anything like Sally, it has to be amazing!!! If  you'd like to see our country's finest, they're definitely here this weekend so I'm thinking a trip to Benton wouldn't be out of the question!