Um, what kind of 'mess' is this? How are you going to be an Oprah 'virgin' (someone who has never been to the Oprah Winfrey show before), attend the taping of her final show and walk out with NOTHING?!?!?! She can give those other people new cars, but for her final show she can't even give you a key chain?!?!? Oprah = FAIL! Just sayin'! BTW, not everyone loves Oprah... You can't be on air for 25 years and not piss some people off. Here a link to the most famous Oprah feuds of all time! BTW, not everyone walked out ticked because they didn't get a new house, some were quite pleased to have Oprah's words of wisdom. If you watch the video below, some of these women look like they've almost had a religious experience! The clip below that highlights the Top 5 'Oprah Winfrey Show' moments of all time;)