What am I doing wrong in my life???

I'm trying desperately to get on Oprah's level because the woman can talk about bread for thirty seconds and get paid $12 million.

It's true, yesterday she tweeted out a video where she said the following:


This is the joy for me.  I love bread.  I love bread.  I now just manage it.  So, I don't deny myself bread, I have bread everyday.  That's the genius of this program.  I have lost 26 pounds, and I have eaten bread every single day."


Over the next hour, Weight Watchers shares grew more than 16%.  According to MarketWatch.com, Oprah owns just under 6.4 million shares, and that boost earned her $12 million. Of course, she won't be cashing out anytime soon, so for now, that's $12 million in stock value but still!

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