It was the last time we'll see Oprah on THAT stage doing THAT talk show, but she is not gone forever. As she said, "I won't say goodbye. I'll just say, until we meet again." Yes, Oprah's last talk show featured no guests. It was just her. There were no presents or prizes for the audience. It was basically an hour-long monologue that was part sermon and part lecture. After all, she said she'd always wanted to be a teacher and called this episode her "last class." And when Oprah was done saying her piece, she walked off the stage, kissed her longtime boyfriend Stedman Graham, shook hands with a few people in the audience, and then turned one last time to bask in the applause before heading out into the hallway. Then, as she made her way through the halls of Harpo Studios, she kept hugging employees and shouting, "We did it!" Final scene -- Oprah walking off with her beloved cocker spaniel, Sadie. Fade to black.